Clumsetter Play Boy


Pedigree of Clumsetter Play Boy
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Brody is the son of Rosie (Clumsetter Misty Girl) and Sandy (Chyknell Jackdaw Of Breezybrook).  He is Chocolate and Tan and a very handsome chap.  Brody was born in June 2016 so he is now ready to start his Stud career yet.  He has not yet been fully tested in the shooting field but does show great promise being keen and biddable.


Brody is now offered out to stud following his BVA Eye Examintion results coming back as Unaffected.  Brody is not yet proven.  If you are thinking of asking us if you can use him, please give us a call to discuss the terms until he is proven.


Health Tests:


Brody is Hereditary clear for both FN and AMS.  He is Laboklin Hereditary Clear for prcd Mutation for PRA.


G and C PRA BVA Eye Examination Result - Unaffected 21/7/17

Gonioscopy Eye Examination Result - Unaffected 21/7/17