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Located in North Devon, in South West England, we are small (hobby) breeders of Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies and can offer health tested Working Cocker Spaniel Stud Dogs.


Please enjoy browsing through our pages and do not hestitate to get in touch to talk to us about owning one of our pups or requesting the services of one of our stud dogs!


2019 saw the introduction of our Peirdiu affix.  To see our first Perdiu progeny please go to Purdy's page.




Molly and Pippin Pup! Image by Sue Taylor.

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About Clumsetter Gundogs

Welcome to Clumsetter Gundogs - we hope you enjoy browsing our site.  Clumsetter is the kennel name of Lisa and Nigel Franklin.  We are a small gundog kennel located in North Devon in the South West of England.  We work and breed Working Cocker Spaniels and up until recently, Working Clumber Spaniels (we are not planning any further Clumber litters for the time being).  We can also offer gundog training with access to superb facilities if requested. 


We work our dogs in the beating line and/or picking up throughout the shooting season.  Nigel is a retired Game Keeper and will continue to pick up throughout future seasons so, therefore, it is essential that our dogs are biddable, easily trained and steady all year round.


Up until April 2014 we were members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder scheme. We were one of the first breeders to join the scheme back in September 2009. Unfortunately, the scheme rules have changed and the costs of membership have greatly increased.  Being in rented property we are not able to make the significant changes required to some of our dog housing and therefore, we have had to make the difficult decision to resign our membership.  That said, our puppies have always been bred to the highest standards and we will continue to fully health test our breeding bitches and stud dogs.  To verify this, you can visit the Kennel Club's health testing pages and/or Mate Select and enter the registered names of our dogs and their tests will be shown. 


If you have concerns about us withdrawing from the ABS, please go to our testimonials page and read what our other customers have said about us and do of course, talk to us about those concerns.  We welcome visits from our customers once we have established the nature of your enquiry.


The picture below shows Athena and Chester - our foundation Working Cocker Spaniels at work on the local Shoot during the 2006/2007 shooting season.


Throughout this website you will see images of our dogs.  Lots of the images were taken by Sue Taylor.  Massive thanks extended to Sue for the time and attention taken whilst photographing our dogs.


Athena and Chester at Work