Training at Hall

Training at Hall can help you with your Gundog training whether you are looking for help training your dog with manners and obedience or if you are looking to work your dog in the shooting field or compete.  We can offer one to one training or participation in group sessions.  Get in touch using the contact details given on the left.


Starting training young at Clumsetter Gundogs! Picture by Sue Taylor.

As experienced Gundog Trainers we are happy to assist with Gundog on a one to one basis or we can offer groups sessions with Training at Hall.


We can tailor our training to your needs and have access to superb training facilities including water, reed and open land.


Please do get in touch with us to discuss what you are looking for.  We can help you whether you are a novice gundog owner looking for basic obedience or an experienced owner looking to refresh their knowledge or pick up some new tips.