Our Stud Dogs

We can currently offer three Working Cocker Spaniel Dogs.  Pippin and Rook are proven at stud.  Thatcher is now offered at Stud, however, he is not yet proven.   Please go to each dogs individual page for more details about them.


Waiting in the wings we have two more boys that we hope to offer at Stud later in 2017 following their health testing results (Brody and Drake).


As Assured Breeders we offered a Stud Contract and we will continue to do so.  


Our offered Stud Dogs are fully health tested with clear eye certificates and normal DNA test results including AMS. 


Please do verify this by checking the Kennel Club website Health Test Result Finder at:




Just enter the registered name of our Stud Dog (the Sire) which is given at the top of each of their pages and then enter the registered name of your bitch (the Dam).  The name must be entered as it appears on the Kennel Club Registration Document.  The Health Test results will come up - you may have to drill down depending on which part of the page they have been logged on.

Here are just some of the pups sired by Darcy - Clumsetter Bracken.  Born July 2011.  Image by Rhonda's Reflections.

This is Pippin - Budelegh Golden Snitch, sired by Rocky, Granite Mist of Clumsetter with Ruby, Budstock Ruby Red of Budelegh.  Born May 2013.