We sometimes have puppies available to well vetted working or very active, suitable homes.


As it is our intention to work any pups we keep or make every effort to find working homes for pups we do not keep, we dock the puppies tails (approximately one third reduction) and where they are present, we also remove the dewclaws from our puppies.  This is done legally by a qualified veterinary surgeon.  The new owner will be issued with the correct certification.


Our puppies are microchipped before leaving us.  We worm the pups at two, five and eight weeks and if required, we will also administer a flea treatment if required.


Our pups are born in our house and stay inside with us until they are around four or five weeks old and weaning from their Dam is in progress.  At this stage they move outside to a warm stable which has lots of space for them to run around freely and play with their litter mates.  They are exposed to the outside world with all of the new sights, smells and sounds.


As Kennel Club Assured Breeders we always issued a Contract of Sale and we will continue to do this.  Our Puppy Pack also includes a five generation pedigree certificate, lots of helpful puppy rearing advice, a food pack, a familiar smelling section of vet bed and no doubt the odd treat or two!  When the puppy leaves us for its new home, we activate the Kennel Club's free five week insurance.  We rear our puppies on Natural Instinct Working Puppy (raw) and we organise for our new owners to receive a good sized free pack of food and treats direct from Natural Instinct.


We are keen to stay in touch with the puppies new owners and will always be available for advice and guidance throughout the pups life.  We do love to hear from our new owners and it is great when we receive updates on the progress of the pups.  We do, however, keep at a discreet distance if this is what the new owner wants.


We have a Facebook Group and new owners are encouraged to join the group to keep in touch with us and get to meet other Clumsetter owner's, potential owners or honorary friends of Clumsetter Gundogs.