Puppy Gallery

Here's just a few pictures of Clumsetter Working Cocker puppies!

Clumsetter Freckles - Freckles - taken by Nigel tonight - the 7th November 2012 - bit of a contrast to her two litter sisters Winnie and Pickle!

Here's Clumsetter Diamond - Winnie - taken on the 7th November 2012 - thank you Jane - isn't she just lovely!

Clumsetter Jubilee - Pickle - taken on the 6th November 2012 - just over five months old - simply stunning!  Thank you Mark!

Clumsetter Jubilee - Pickle - again taken 6th November 2012 - a cold and frosty morning! 

Clumsetter Diamond (foreground) and Clumsetter Freckles aka Winnie and Freckles - Molly's daughters born 31/5/12.  Picture taken 15/8/12.

Clumsetter Jubilee - Pickle - with thanks to Clare and Mark in Oxfordshire.  Pickle is Rocky and Molly's daughter from the litter born 31/5/12.

Clumsetter Moonlight - Tilly - with thanks to Louise and Peter from Exmouth.  Tilly is Athena and Chester's daughter from the litter born 18/5/08.