Budelegh Golden Snitch of Clumsetter


Pedigree of Budelegh Golden Snitch By Clumsetter
Pedigree of Budelegh Golden Snitch By Cl[...]
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Pip's pups with Clumsetter Cover Girl, born 30 December 2015.

Pippin (Budelegh Golden Snitch of Clumsetter) is Rocky's son.  Pippin is a proven stud dog.


He is Lemon and White (more Gold than Lemon really) and has turned into a very handsome boy indeed.  Pippin took up his Stud duties in June 2015 and his first litter was born early in August 2015.  Since then, he has sired further litters.  Colous so far have been Gold, lemon, lemon and white, chocolate, chocolate and tan and chocolate and white.


Pip is now proven to carry the tan gene.


Pip is a fabulous working dog who has now been promoted to first dog having been out throughout the 2015/2016 shooting season.  Jaw droppingly good!


Pip is a loving, affectionate boy, medium sized and not too chunky.  Like all of our dogs, his temperament is never in question.


BVA Eye Schemes:

Gonioscopy - 7/7/14 - Unaffected

GPRA and CPRA - 11/9/15 - Unaffected

GPRA and CPRA - 27/1/17 - Unaffected




Pippin is hereditary clear for both FN and PRCD Mutation for PRA and has been DNA tested Normal for AMS.

Pips's pups with Amber (Wallace's Gold Girl of Clumsetter) born 13 January 2016.

Pippin's first litter - he sired two bitches with this lovely chocolate bitch (Meg) - one chocolate and one gold/lemon and three dogs one chocolate and two gold/lemon.