Tewggy John at Bryntail


Pedigree of Tewggy John at Bryntail
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Drake joined the Clumsetter kennel towards the end of 2016.  Born in June 2016, Drake is now proven at stud.  Nigel used Drake towards the end of the 2016/2017 shooting season and he showed great promise.  This came to fruition during the 2017/2018 season and Drake will now become a regular member of the family picking up team.


Drake has passed all of his health tests and is proven having sired three superb litters.  He has thrown Black, Black Tan, Black and White Ticked and Chocolate and Tan so far.


BVA Eye Schemes:

Gonioscopy - 27/7/17 - Unaffected.  PLA Grade 1

GPRA and CPRA - 16/5/19 - Unaffected


DNA Tests:

Antagene - Familial Nephropathy - FN - Normal - 2/10/17

Optigen - prcd Mutation for PRA - Normal - 27/10/17

Antagene - Acral Mutilation Syndrome - AMS - Normal - 17-10-17