Badgerberry Meant To Be For Clumsetter


Ecco was born in January 2017.  Bred by our dear friends Niki and Trevor Pearson-Bish, he is our first Tri-Colour (he is Chocolate, White and Tan) and is developing into a very handsome boy.


Ecco has just started his stud duties and is the sire of a super litter of Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate Roan and Chocolate and White Ticked.


We have focused on his gundog training and we introduced him to his shooting duties over the 2017/2018 shooting season.  


Ecco is hereditary clear for AMS, FN and prcd Mutation for PRA h/C PRA and his Gonioscopy Grade 1.


More images and a copy of his pedigree are "to follow".