Redroan Winchester Stealth at Clumsetter


Chester Pedigree
Pedigree of Redroan Winchester Stealth a[...]
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Sadly, Chester passed away in June 2015.  This was a huge shock to us and to us signalled the end of an era.  Chester was our foundation stud dog and without him, Clumsetter Gundogs most probably would not have been born.


Chester being our foundation Stud dog, sired Darcy another of our Stud dogs and also sired Tilly and Molly, two of our beautiful ladies both of whom have gone on to have stunning litters.  Chester is Grandad to Freckles and Rosie too!


Chester was Chocolate, fine boned and light.  He always sired Chocolate litters.  Chester was very much a ladies man, had great patience and was a gentleman, therefore, he was always an excellent choice for a maiden bitch.


Chester was a joy to train, was a superb worker and had a wonderful nature.  A real softy who will be greatly missed.  His only real fault was that he had a lousy sense of direction and often got lost whilst out working with Nigel either when out keepering or whilst working on the shoot!










Chester chilling out in the truck after a days work!