Granite Mist of Clumsetter


Rocky has been retired from his stud duties.  His son Pippin has stepped up and is flying the flag in Rocky's stead! 


Rocky is a very handsome, stocky and medium sized - being Chocolate and Tan he is quite unusual.  Rocky was a popular Stud Dog having been proven in 2012 when he fathered a litter of pups with Clumsetter Cover Girl (Molly, the daughter of Chester and Cuzzicombe Athena at Clumsetter, our foundation dogs).    Those pups were all bitches - Chocolate with a White blaze, Chocolate with a small White patch and White and Chocolate Ticked/Flecked.  Rocky subsequently sired a second litter with our Clumsetter Briar Rose (Tilly) - five dogs and two bitches - all chocolate (some solid, some with small touches of white on chest or neck).  A third litter, with Clumsetter Funny Girl (Rowan), born 16 January 2013, produced Chocolate and Tan and Black and Tan pups - two dogs and three bitches.  His most recent litters have produced Chocolate and Tan, Black and Tan,  Gold and Lemon and White.


Rocky is an alert and bright boy.  He has been easy to train and loves his retrieving.  He really is a loving and gentle dog.  


Please note, Rocky has been DNA tested for Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) and his result was returned as a Carrier.  This means that there is a chance that 50% of his progeny will also be Carriers.  We are unlikely to offer Rocky for stud again, however, if we do, we will expect the bitch to have been health tested for AMS and a normal result before any mating takes place.  We would also strongly recommend any puppies resulting are registerd as Progency Not Eligible for Registration until they have also been tested.


Please contact us to discuss this result should you be considering asking us to to use Rocky for stud.


Health Test Results:


BVA Eye Schemes:

Gonioscopy - 1/3/11 - Unaffected

GPRA and CPRA - 11/9/15 - Unaffected


DNA Schemes:

Familial Nephropathy FN - 7/4/11 - Normal

prcd Mutation Test for PRA - 1/4/11 - Normal

Acral Mutilation Syndrome AMS - 19/1/16 - Carrier


Here's Pippin (Budelegh Golden Snitch By Clumsetter), sired by Rocky, born 8 May 2013 and a Clumsetter stud dog!