Clumsetter Bracken


Darcy Pedigree
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Darcy passed away in his sleep Summer 2017 unexpectedly and is very much missed.  Sleep tight Darcy.


Darcy was by Chester, our wonderful foundation Stud dog.  Out of Athena, Cuzzicombe Athena at Clumsetter, our much loved foundation bitch.  He was the image of his mother, Athena, now retired, was an excellent worker and very popular on the local Molland Shoot.  He very much had the look of the Nancarrow kennel about him and the Pedigree on his mother's side shows many of the well know Nancarrow dogs such as Nancarrow Crackle and Pebble and FT CH Bournepark Blaze of Nancarrow.


He was Chocolate with a small white blaze.  He sired two litters and all the pups were Chocolate.  Darcy was a steady, attentive worker, was bright, biddable and like his Sire, was a delight to to train.  A hard hunting gundog.  He was a small to medium sized dog and could be described as stocky.


Health Test Results:


BVA Eye Schemes:

Gonioscopy - 18/6/10 - Unaffected

GPRA and CPRA - 7/3/13 - Unaffected


DNA Schemes:

Familial Nephropathy FN - 7/4/11 - Normal

prcd Mutation Test for PRA - 1/4/11 - Normal