Brie is the Daughter of Rowan (Clumsetter Funny Girl) and Rocky (Granite Mist of Clumsetter). She was born on the 22nd November 2014. She is the granddaughter of Tilly (Clumsetter Briar Rose) and Great Granddaughter of Athena and Chester; our foundation dogs.


Brie is a small dog and is lightly built with pretty tan markings. She is proving to be willing to learn and easy to train and absolutely loves her water retrieves. She has a natural flair for hunting and retrieving and has worked on a busy shoot during the 2016/2017 season.  She is showing promise and we believe she is making a fantastic working dog.


Brie had her first litter in February 2017.  A gorgeous litter of six pups with a varity of colours.  Following testing for AMS, Brie's result came back tha tshe is a carrier.  We then took hte decision not to breed any further litters with her and she has remained with us regardless.