Our Clumber Spaniels

Please note, we no longer breed Clumber Spaniels.


Our Clumber story started in 1998 when we purchased our first Clumber puppy from the Greencourt kennel.  His name was Greencourt Mistrix Boy at Clumsetter - we called him Rumpole.  Very soon after that Greencourt Quiet Mistery at Clumsetter (Jasmine) and her litter mate, Greencourt Hello Mister at Clumsetter (Harry) also arrived.


Jazz had just one puppy - Lara, Clumsetter Lemon Dash in 2003 by Sedgehurst Tiberius.  Lara then had a litter of three pups herself in 2010 with Sedgehurst Withycombe.  We kept Cally (Clumsetter Under Cover) from that litter.  In 2011, Chloe joined us from the Woolibourne kennel (Woolibourne Atomic Strike of Clumsetter).


Our resulting Clumbers are a mixture of working type and show type clumbers - they are medium sized dogs with the strength and drive to push through cover and to work steadily all day.


Our breeding efforts with Clumbers were very small in comparison to other kennels but we were gradually building up our kennel and our lines.  We have taken the decision not to continue with our Clumber lines for the time being so we will not be breeding any further litters.


This is Chloe at five months - photo taken by Heather Mayes, her breeder.

Chloe again at six months - such a wonderful expression - a very pretty girl indeed!