Freckles (Clumsetter Freckles) is the Daughter of Molly (Clumsetter Cover Girl our website header) and Rocky (Granite Mist of Clumsetter).  She was born on 31 May 2012.  She is a great Granddaughter of Athena and Chester our foundation dogs.


She is of light build and is described as Chocolate (or liver) and White. Her coat is heavily flecked with chocolate so she is almost roan.  The photos of Freckles do not show just how heavily flecked her coat is.


Freckles has had one season working now and is a natural retriever.  She is a good hunter and loves to work.  Freckles loves water and is a good swimmer.


Freckles gave birth to her first litter on 2 April 2014.  A litter of eight - six dogs and two bitches.  With the exception of two dogs who are solid chocolate with white markings on their necks and chest, all of the pups are like Freckles i.e. chocolate and white and their costs may fleck in the same way (only time will tell us that!).